Beyond Intractability Affiliate Projects

In the early days of Beyond Intractability we had very generous funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and we were able to fund several "Affiliated Projects" that examined specialized topics within the general area of Intractable Conflicts and they produced reports as well as several interviews.  Although most of this work was done in 2003, much of it remains of interest today, and is available here.

Another project, Civil Rights Mediation Oral History Project, was funded independently by the Hewlett Foundation in 1999.  In this project, Co-Directed by former Community Relations Service Mediator Richard Salem, and Guy and Heidi Burgess, we interviewed about twenty senior and retired CRS mediators about their work, and how they mediated what we had formerly considered "unmediatable" intractable racial conflicts.  The full transcripts and segments on various topics are available at the project home page.